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Lulu's Art Blog
Hello, Welcome to my page! ♡
In this Blog I post a collection of my Artwork and sketches. I hope you enjoy my page ♡

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez by *Lulu2222

A kiss for you … by *Lulu2222

Secret Lovers by *Lulu2222
Sweet Hug by *Lulu2222
Are you scared of me ? by *Lulu2222
Comrades by *Lulu2222
Lonely I … by *Lulu2222
Where’s your Heart ? by *Lulu2222
Trying To Understand by *Lulu2222
Happy Birthday Ulquiorra by *Lulu2222
Resurreccion Segunda Etapa by *Lulu2222
UlquiHime: You’re My Only Need  ♥