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Lulu's Art Blog
Hello, Welcome to my page! ♡
In this Blog I post a collection of my Artwork and sketches. I hope you enjoy my page ♡

Hunter X Hunter: Meruem by Lulu2222

Hunter X Hunter: Komugi by Lulu2222

Gajeel X Levy : Love’s Language by Lulu2222

The Sea Prince and the Fire Child by Lulu2222

Levi X Hanji : Winter Warmth by Lulu2222

Kill La Kill: Cheer ! by Lulu2222

Kill La Kill  : Satsuki Kiryuuin by Lulu2222
Children of War 
They are children for God’s sake
Are you going to kill a child? 
Can’t you see? are you blind? 
He is a child! ! ! 

He is the symbol of joy
He is not a toy
Children are the innocent
To put a gun on a child’s face

Doesn’t make any sense
Will never solve the case
It is the peace that we are looking for
We want to stop the war
We want to say: ’ no fighting any more’.

Poem © Khalsa khalifa
Art © lulu2222

Petra Ral by Lulu2222
2013 Art Summary 
 Another year has passed. It was so fast ! 
I hope that year of 2014 will be a great year for everyone ❤
#My Art